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Bricker Performance Ponies Wishes the Best of Luck
to These Ponies and Their New Owners!

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Note:    All ponies are Up-to-date on all shots, worming, teeth and

Welcome to Bricker Performance Ponies - Our stock changes frequently!   Please ensure that you visit us regularly to view new ponies.  If you don't see your dream pony we may still be able to acquire it.


"Emails from clients about their new ponies"

Donnie and laurie, i just wanted to let you know, i LOVE izzy! thank you for your understanding my cold feet. i could not be happier with izzy! if you ever need a reference let me know!  she is adjusting well, comes to her name , like you said, also follows me around like a puppy. she never even batted an eye at the sheep. when i went to bottle feed one izzy followed me an waited at the gate for me to finish. i LOVE this horse and have from the first time i saw her. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!   you are wonderful people! cindy jones

To: "brickerponies@aol.com"
Subject: Howard!

Howard "Minumus" is doing great. Here is a pic of him last weekend at our Halloween pony trick or treat. Looks like they all want the candy! Will send more pics later.


Morning Laurie..

Just wanted to thank you again for helping us select one of the best friends my granddaughter will ever have.  This weekend Emily and Chico went on their first (of many to come) camping trips to Casper’s Wilderness Park.  I could not be more thrilled with the way he handled himself and took care of Emily.  She was smiles for 3 days and can wait to go again. He handled himself with confidence which in turn gave her the confidence to go up and down hills , over logs, rocks or any other obstacle the trail set in front of them.

Again …  a GREAT BIG thank you…  and we’ll be back when it’s time for Irelynn…  (AKA our little devil!)


Kathy, Wendi and Emily  

Hey Laurie,
We video taped some of the ponies today just to watch the progress of the younger ones. Here is a video of Cotton Candy, we are calling her Libby. Thought you might like it for your website, or just for fun to see her. I clipped her a few days ago so she looks a little different!

I tried her with a couple different levels of riders to see where she was at, there are a few clips of her in our camp video from yesterday as well. We are really happy with her! Everyone sees the potential in her to be a great little show pony. She has been super brave on trail and seems to be super brave over fences too.


-Katie Neglia


Here is Brody on Barbie. Thought you would enjoy this. She's a great little pony. Thx Jeff






From: Jamie Witty <witty1@hotmail.com>
To: brickerponies <brickerponies@aol.com>
Sent: Mon, Nov 15, 2010 10:35 pm
Subject: Ashley and Dee~dee.

Hi Laurie!!! How are you? I just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE, LOVE Dee~Dee. She is doing so awesome for Ashley. Yesterday she competed in her first gymkhana and Dee~dee was EXCELLENT!!! She is such a great little pony! It was such a blessing that I was able to find you guys searching the internet. Thank you for your time and honesty! I will be sure to tell everyone and anyone about brickerponies!! Enclosed is some pictures of Ashley and Dee~dee riding in their first show. Thank you again for such a wonderful pony. My little girls dream come true!



Hi Laurie,

Here are a couple of pictures of Sandy. She's been a great pony for us. Shea rides her on the streets and trails in the neighborhood and shows her in 4H shows. Shea had been riding her western, but started showing her English also last summer and she looks cute either way. And, we just hitched her to a cart a couple of weeks ago and she just went! She's a calm and safe pony for beginners, but also fun to ride for a more experienced rider.

Whenever anyone asks me about ponies and where to find one, I always direct them to you. We're really pleased with Sandy and appreciate the time you took with us to make sure we got the right pony.

Suzi Duarte





From: Kerrily Carmichael
To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Wed, Jan 27, 2010 12:52 pm
Subject: molly the pony.

Hi we bought molly from you for my daughter and just wanted to tell you how wonderful she is. Here is a picture for you. we also have one question, did you ever let molly out to graze with a full size horse? She is a wonderful horse with my 2 year old and when we need the next size bigger pony, we will call you. Thank you again.
Karen Johandes and Kerrily and Kalyn

Click on link to view photo

Thank you for my very best friend.
Taylor and Bentley





From: bryce_quinto@roadrunner.com
To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Sun, Jan 10, 2010 7:03 pm
Subject: Emerald

Hi Laurie,
We love Emerald who we have renamed to Charlotte La Russe. She fits right into
he family and our other pony Jack is wildly in love with her. When they are
eparated they call to each other until the other returns. Charlotte is a joy
o ride and has been jumping a solid 2'3" and schooling 2'6". She loves jumping
o much that she recently jumped out of the turn out arena which has a rail
eight of 3'6". Once out of the arena, she pranced home to Jack and dinner.
eedless to say, we'll be using the stallion turnout for future turnouts as it
as much higher rails. Charlotte has competed in two schooling shows and has
one very well, placing in 1st or 2nd place. Charlotte's trainer plans on
howing her this year in pony hunters and we anticipate that she will do very
ell! Thanks for the one of the best ponies in the world (next to Jack)! We
re attaching some recent photos which we hope you will enjoy.
Thanks again!
Bryce and Cheri Quinto




To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Mon, Aug 3, 2009 1:48 pm
Subject: Krone's Fishy, best pony in the whole world

First show 5th out of 20 ponies. 7 year old girl riding. Thanks for selling me the best pony!




To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 9:17 am
Subject: Diego

Hi Laurie,
I just wanted to follow up to let you know that Diego is doing great. Emily rides him every day and she just loves her new pony. We've already brought him with us to a couple of shows and he's been a perfect gentleman for me in the busy warm-up rings. Emily is still showing her other pony, but our son has been doing leadline classes on him.
Nothing seems to bother this guy. I was riding him last week when we were caught off guard by a thunderstorm and the loudest thunder I've ever heard in my life. Our other horses completely freaked out, but Diego just stopped and looked around. I can't get over that he's only 4 years old!

Thanks again!


Heidi and family




To: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
Subject: "Beau"
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 19:34:58 -0700

Hi Laurie -

Remember "Beau"? I thought you'd get a kick out of the picture. He won 1st 5 out of 5 classes and was division champion!

Dee Olson



To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 2:45 am
Subject: pictures of Booster :-)

Hi, here are a couple of pictures of Booster, we are so happy with him, he is soo sweet and lets the kids do anything!
we are even thinking that we are about ready for a second smaller  one, so the kids can ride at the same time and He has a companion friend.
Thank you so much for all your help with him, and thank you for choosing him for our family! we love him very much and he is spoiled daily :-)
Gabriel and Ivonne





From: Melissa Tamberg
To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 9:31 am
Subject: (no subject)

Hi Laurie,
I know I emailed you last week to tell you how great Aspen (formerly Cajon) is, but I just had to say again how much I ADORE him. He is the biggest sweetheart, the only one who comes over to greet me even when I don't have food! Every day he becomes more and more affectionate. Just a love bug and such a pleasure to ride. He has truly become my buddy! I've owned horses all of my life but at age 39, the little girl in me finally got her pony! I love getting to look at this sweet little face each day (see attached pic).
In this industry, it's so nice to find someone who truly delivers what they promise. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a quality pony.
Please feel free to post these comments in your testimonials!!!!
Thanks again,

Melissa Tamberg
Perfect Synergy Marketing, Inc.




To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 8:00 am
Subject: Bently's show debut

Hello Bricker Performance Ponies!
EVERYONE is asking me where I got this pony. Here is Bently at her very first show (local schooling show with a very big turnout) She won the 11 & under high point with her just turned 8 rider.
Best Regards,
Bently's forever home (the LeNay family)
(I have a 4 year old girl who is waiting for her turn!)


To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 11:01 am
Subject: Kelli and Maggie

Hi everyone
Well we have had a busy summer following the rodeo trail. Kelli is the youngest barrel racer this year and her and maggie make the crowds go wild. They love them. Maggie has been a star all summer. She waits for Kelli and always looks after her. Kelli really thinks she "smokes" some runs, and maggies does her best to give her a smooth and safe run every time. We really love Maggie and she has been by far the best purchase we have ever made. She is everything you said she was and more. Thankyou so much for choosing us to be maggies new owners.
Traci Derek and Kelli

Lolo with mom Julie Krone and Fishy



From: webhosting-userform@brickerperformanceponies.com
To: brickerponies@aol.com
Sent: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 8:02 am
Subject: Survey Results

Comments = Hi Laurie, Just an update on Dots, Tyler loves her and they are a
perfect fit, thank you so much for your patience and guidance with Tyler. He has
named her Mustang Sally. Everyday he gets her out, gives her treats, brushes her
and rides her. Somedays it's even bareback! Tyler and Dad are practicing for
first lead line barrel race this weekend! Again thank you!



- - - - -Original Message- - - - -
Hi Laurie, Two years ago today I bought this pony. Your name for him was Pepsi , my name for him Cadillac. He is still the most awesome guy in the world. I had the
opportunity to put him with Rick Baer for two months. Mystyn rode him for Rick and did a great job. Only making him better and taking us to the next level of riding. He and I are best friends.
We run gymkhana in Norco. In our division, we are in third place and have taken high point twice in the last three months. He amazes me every day and the smile is still on my face from the first day
I got him. I can put him in the trailer unload and ride anywhere. Thank you again for introducing us. Susan.


To: Lauriebricker@hotmail.com
Subject: Chester
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 19:45:52 -0700

Chester AKA Chet has started showing in 4-H. He has been in 2 shows and has won a 5th and 2nd place this weekend. Thanks for a wonderful pony just keeping you updated.
Jud Fidellow and Karen McKinsey


To: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
> Subject: Hershey
> Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 20:37:38 -0700
> Hi Laurie, We love our pony he is perfect. Leyton named him Boog!
> We gave him a hair cut wow, look at those dapples. He has a pretty
> new blanket, that i am not sure he know why he wearing but at least I
> am happy he is warm enough. Thanks again I will send you a riding
> picture soon. Bekki Vrono

Timbre and Magic

Cora and Amber's First Lesson


To: lb3266@aol.com
Sent: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 3:21 pm
Subject: Cora and Amber's first lesson

Hi Laurie,
Here are 3 photos of Cora's first lesson on Amber. It couldn't have gone better!

I'm making a folder on Amber and need the dates of her vaccinations (and which ones she got).

Thanks so much,

Emily Riding TJ





Subject: Minnie
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 23:33:05 -0700

Hello Laurie:

Thank you so much for giving us Minnie. Thank you for lowering her price. She’s doing great, she has adopted really good and is doing really good with Daphne. Brittney has come and given her some classes and has also ridden her and she’s really happy with her spirit and character.

I have attached some pictures for you to see them.

May the Lord Bless you richly for your kindness, and for making a little girl sooooooo happy. By the way she changed her name to Ginger. She said she looked more like a ginger.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Leon Family, specially, Daphne J


Lilli Lu



From: "Renee"
To: <lauriebricker@hotmail.com>
Subject: Crystal the pony
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 20:13:05 -0700

Hi Laurie-
I wanted to give you an update on Crystal. She fits right in at the barn and really loves her roommate Paris. My 5 year old daughter is in love with her and is able to get her to trot on the lunge line. My 11 year old son is the one who has taken over. He has trained her to jump over small jumps and we took them to a schooling show where he won all his classes. He had only jumped her once before the show and had her up against all these really big horses which she beat. People were so mad at us because she was the smallest and the greenest, but I think she loves showing and was calm and collected throughout. She actually seemed to be posing while waiting for her turn. We are going to another show (the kids have given her a show name of Rainbow Dash after one of the ponies in My Little Pony) this weekend and I’ll take some pictures for you. Anyway, I think my son is going to continue to help train Crystal and she is the reason he started back riding again.
Thanks- Renee Moore


From: "Ray Leonard"
To: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
Subject: Thanks for the great Pony (Bradley)
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 16:43:53 -0700
>Dear Laurie,
> Just wanted to shoot you a email and tell you Lana
>loves her pony (Bradley) and he has been doing great and is a
>wonderful addition to our family. Lana has renamed Cupcake, I don't
>think he minds. Lana and Bradley have been doing lead line (All
>1st. places) and riding alot with Mom. Bradley was even used at
>Lanas little cousins birthday party and gave all the babies rides,
>very gentle turn-key pony. Thank you very much for a safe and sweet
>little pony, we really love him. Honestly we have not had a single
>problem since we got him back in January and that's exactly what we
>wanted. I should also mention we get a lot of compliments at events
>and other places we go.
>Thanks very much,
>The Leonard family


From: Mark Talbot
To: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
Subject: Pepsi
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 21:09:11 -0700 (PDT)
>Hi Laurie, My name is Susan and a little over a year
>ago I came out to ride a pony. His name was Kernal.
>He was a 4 yr old Halflinger cross and he sold before
>i could buy him. I again went to your place and tried
>a pony you called Pepsi. He is a sorrel with four
>white socks. I call him Cadillac and he is the
>greatest guy in the world and my best pal! We ride
>together five days a week. He is honest as a day is
>long and simple and kind. We still have a long way to
>go with our training but tomorrow is always another
>day and we have many years to learn together. I may
>put him with Rick Baer for 30 - 60 days to help. On
>May 5th we will have been together one year and I will
>consider him to be 5 yrs old. Happy Birthday to him
>and Thank you for brining us together!! Susan.

Hi Laurie!
Just a little update on the pony formerly known as
"Willie". His rail work is going very well and he and
Breanna are walking and trotting and have even done
some over poles work! He responds to his new name (I
assume he likes it) and is VERY smart. Hugs 'N'
Kisses and Breanna are interested in entering the show
ring walk trot soon. Thanks for our great pony! Candi



Subj: FW: Jane - Haflinger
Date: 3/12/2007 6:45:23 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
To: lb3266@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)
From: "Trina West"
To: "lauriebricker" <lauriebricker@hotmail.com>
Subject: Jane - Haflinger
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 13:55:35 -0800

Hello Laurie...

I was taking pictures of Jane to send to the breeder we chose, and I just had to send this to you. Thank you so much for this wonderful horse...we love her!

Best Wishes,

To: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 16:21:07 EST

Hi Laurie,

ALec and I love Peanut. We pony-cart her all over and she has proven to be a great investment. Do you know of a stallion- small horse or larger pony to breed to peanut? One that is larger than 11hds. and has an excellent temperament for most anything.

Happy trails,

Andrea and Alec



To: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
Subject: FW: Photo for Linda Robertson
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 21:54:16 -0800
>Tara and Spud. Their first horse show together. Thank you for
>Spud. He is such a great pony and a perfect match for Tara.
>Linda Robertson

To: <lauriebricker@hotmail.com>
Subject: Dale
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 12:11:07 -0800

Just a note to say thanks for selling Dale to us. He is a really neat little pony. Airyan leads him everywhere and Dale just goes. It's quite a sight. He likes to ride, but at this time he would rather lead him over the trail course and up and down the road. Dale never pulls or puts his head down, he is just right for our 2 yr old.
Thanks again,
Mitzi Conn and Airyan





From: "Debby McNeely"
To: <lauriebricker@hotmail.com>
Subject: Happy Holidays!! and sorry for not keeping in touch!!!
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 12:26:02 -0800


I wanted to send you a quick note to wish you and your family a Happy Holidays, we’ve been so crazy, busy and with the rain, I didn’t get a chance to call you. R2 and Peyton are starting to really bond great!! We’ve gone on several trail rides, all three of us girls (finally). R2 has been such a HUGH confidence builder for Peyton. I was amazed at how we could tell she was not sure of a few trail hazards yet, she never missed a beat, she walked so cautiously yet, listened to every word Peyton said and after the third day (trail rides were all day, all kinds of terrain, water crossing, and we saw camels, a water buffalo, a regular buffalo, ostrich etc. – not your every day trail rides!!!) I had to let you know what an absolutely amazing job you guys did - matching Peyton and R2. R2 was so well behaved we wondered if exotic animals were part of her training, you do awesome work!!! I couldn’t have found a better pony.

Thank you again for making my little girls Christmas dreams come true,


The McNeelys


>Subject: Patti
>Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 20:27:42 EST
>Hi Laurie
>Just wanted to update you on Patti AKA Daisey. On her second day we
>up and went up top to the arena. She was perfect! No looking at things
>spooking! Everyone at the barn is in love with her! Thank you so much
>for a
>great match! We already lover her so much! I love the Haflinger breed!
>Again thank you for everything.


>HI Laurie,
>Do you remember Tommy Hilfiger? We bought him from you about 2 years ago
>and look at him now!!!! My daughter is showing him in pony hunters and
>doing great. THis is her friend who showed him just this morning in pony
>jumpers!!! Thought you might enjoy the pics.
>Amanda Wood





>Whenever I hear of people who need a pony, I tell them to call you!!
>Thanks again., we just love him!!! We took him camping a couple of weeks
>ago up at Pismo beach and rode in the ocean, He is such a blast.


>From: "Amanda LeNay"
>To: "'Laurie Bricker'" <lauriebricker@hotmail.com>
>Subject: RE: bentley
>Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 08:07:38 -0700
>Hi Laurie,
>I just wanted to write and tell you that we think Bently is the best
>pony ever! She was understandably nervous the first few days but seems
>to have settled in nicely. I have ridden her in the ring and she is
>fabulous. You don't even really have to use your reins or your legs
>(unless you want her to canter) she does great with voice commands. My 6
>year old took her on a long trail ride over the weekend - we live in a
>rural residential area with a lot of ag so Bently went by fields with
>people picking, semi trucks, other horses, horse ranches, and then into
>the eucalyptus forest where she had to go over fallen trees, etc... When
>my older daughter is at school and my "baby" wants to go out in her
>stroller I take Bently along and she behaves exactly like a well trained
>lab. I just wanted you to know that she is VERY loved, although bossed
>around a bit by our Shetland, and will likely be with us for the rest of
>her life. Thanks for the fabulous pony - now I can hold my head up
>around people who know I bought a pony over the internet!


>From: Lumreek
>To: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
>Subject: Emailing: 952935790108_0_ALB...another of Dolly.......
>Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 19:39:09 EDT
>Another picture....this time of our grand-daughter from
>Colorado.........Doesn't Dolly look sweet?


>From: Lumreek
>To: lauriebricker@hotmail.com
>Subject: Emailing: 580135790108_0_BG...another of Dolly.....
>Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 19:37:58 EDT
>A picture of our Coloradian grandson on Dolly during a recent
>Dolly continues to be a wonderful addition to the family!






>Hey Laurie, Long time no talk. Just wanted to let you that Socks is doing
>great with the kids. He is in pasture shape right now, (round) and loving
>it. The horses beat him up pretty bad, (no injuries of course just being a
>herd), the first week to the point where I had to seperate them, but now
>he is second in command.
> Mariah showed him a couple of weeks ago at the local show and got
>two-4th places with him out of a class of ten, one in halter and one in
>equitation. The halter class he squared up perfectly and then just fell
>asleep, lol. She is doing great and remembering her Ice Cream cones, lol.
>Her brother rides him some but has taken more of an interest in my filly
>and showing her in halter. I would email you pics of the show but my camera
>batteries died!! ARGH!!!!!! Kids first horse show and I have
>NOTHING........ Anyway Socks really takes care of her and they sure have
>clicked. I actually feel sorry for him and all the miles she has been
>putting on him. He knows how to take care of her, she still wants to go
>full speed but Socks won't let her yet and she gets frusterated with him,
>but I tell her he knows best. He always acts like a perfect gentleman with
>her, and anyone else for that matter.
> I have some friends that are interested in buying a beginner horse for
>their two girls and when they are ready, we will be coming out again to see
>you. They have been taking lessons on Socks and love him. I have told them
>about the two larger ponies you have on the website and they seem to be
> PS... Tell Donnie, Mariah showed in Pink that day, Sorry Donnie I know
>"Pink Stinks", LOL We are moving on to teal instead.
> Will email you pics of the show next month, I am bringing extra
> Rhonda



>I thought you might enjoy this photo from one of Savannahs shows.








>Hello there. I just wanted to let you know Dally is a wonderful addition
to the family . we used him this weekend in lead line for Wyatt and his
cousin Cleve. Dally did wonderful. The first day he was the last and so
the tracktor came in behind him. Did not even concern him. Everyone at
the rodeo was impressed with him. We could have sold 10 of him all day
long. We have another rodeo in 2 weeks then he will start him barrell
and pole training with Shawns sister. After that there are several
people wanting to take on finishing him out for roping. We will keep you
posted on his progress. Thank you again.

Shannon Shay







"Jet "


"Jet "

Hello Laurie,
>I purchased Jet and Tops from you last year. Fantastic ponies!!! I am now
>interested in getting another and have been looking at your web site. Do
>still have "Cutter" - the 15 yr old Bay Gelding? It sounds like a nice
>strong pony and we need one with some age since none of us are really
>experienced riders. Let me know when you get a chance.
>Linda J. Neel

Hi Laurie!

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for finding such a perfect match
for Savannah. Since I last talked to you so much has happened. First of
all, we have moved barns, which has changed his temperament to the pony he was when we picked him up. Savannah has been cantering all around the new property and can now jump a 2 foot course.

Our trainer wants her to take it easy though as he has not really jumped in the past and she wants him to be in top condition first. They have really bonded and he resects and responds to her every move. We did give him a new show name, Otto Matic. You can check out her points on www.horseshowtime.com <http://www.horseshowtime.com/> .

She has received two champion ribbons for her division and is in first place at one of the shows she rides in (ECHO) and third at the other (Sweetwater). We even took a two hour trail ride on Mothers Day through deep water and he was wonderful! He has also bonded well with my horse and they are great together. I will send you a photo update when I get my last show photos, so you can see them together. I have recommended you to many of the people we see at the shows, as they ALWAYS come up and tell us how cute he is. Thanks again, we will definitely keep you in mind should we find a need for a new pony!


Katherine and Savannah Magallon

>Hi Laurie,
>I am finally sending you a couple pictures of Levi (Kernal). He is so cute
>we just love him!! Jenny wanted to try him out in english, he did o.k. (it
>was his first time with all the english tack on). He did look very cute
>though! Jenny is doing real good on him, she was even dumped on him and got
>right back on. Which was a good thing, that was her first fall since her
>BIG fall and now she knows you may get bumped a little but no life flight!
>I forgave him, he is just too sweet not too. Anyway we love him to death
>and could not be happier, and everybody at our ranch still wants him!
>Take care,







"Dolly and Claire"

"Dolly and Claire"



The little pony has been great from the word "go"........we named her
"Dolly", and she responded immediately!

She and our Arab bonded at the very beginning and they cry for each other
when I have to take one or other to the pasture or barn........it is so
Dolly comes running when you call her, and her flaxen mane and tail
in the wind make a wonderful picture.

We love her to bits......... our little grandkids from San Clemente came
down the first day to see her and rode her that day......this is a picture
the 2nd ride........the following weekend.
Will send another one alongside this one.

Thank you for selling us Dolly..........I'll recommend you any time!
Best wishes
Fiona Kennelly


"Eagle" and "Oaky"






"Oaky" and "Eagle"


Hello Barbara,
I will send you several pictures that Laurie asked me to forward. sorry I am not so good at sending several at a time. Yes you are right about Laurie and her staff. We are having so much fun with these guys. Eagle has turned out to be my little knight in shinning armor. He is so good to my youngest daughter Janelle. She has fallen off several times and he just stops and waits for her either to get up or stop crying or what ever, he also has had her on his back when another horse was acting up and he just stood like a little gentalman and took care of Janelle....if you can't tell I have fallen in love with him.(oh so has Janelle.). My older daughter has Oaky and she kept his name. He is very sweet and full of him self at times. He is teaching her how to ride and that is perfect. He is the bay with eagle in this picture and I will send one of Caitlyn alone with him. These were the two that I sent to Laurie. For some reason she could not open the pictures or send them. So i will send two okay. Thanks so much. Are you the one who does her web site?...WOW it is so nice....Thanks again.Rhonda Silvas.



Hey Laurie, this is Festus/with Matt Sheriden, a 4th generation horse trainer in Tehachapi. He's helping me work with Festus on his turns/etc. I LOVE FESTUS, so much, he is just perfect for me. His ground manners are perfect and we are building a wonderful relationship. Everyone that see's him/wants him, but there ain't NO WAY, that I'll EVER sell that little guy. I thought Matt would laugh at me when I first took Festus to him, but he really likes him too. Says he's very sound and learns well and his disposition is great... I'm so happy that God sent me to you/Festus. How do you like the pics of Matt standing on Festus' back, pretty neat... Take care, Joan Leaman



Subject: Jane
>Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 13:39:47 -0800
>Hello Laurie...
>Jane passed her vet check with flying colors. I think my vet wanted her!
>She is already free with the herd and doing just fine. They all eat
>together and hang out like they've been together for years. Everyone that
>meets her, loves her instantly. Thank you so much for this wonderful
>addition to our family! She will be loved for a lifetime....Trina




Laurie here is Heather jumping Lady after 2 weeks she's doing great!   Everyone at the stables is impressed with her.

Our trainer say's she is smart and a fast learner.  We Thank-you so much as she is a perfect fit for Heather and Kristen (the girl we 1/2 lease her too that is an advanced rider) she adapts to both. She has gone to la cresta last sat. for a trail ride and did great.







We love Roberta very much! She is the perfect family horse. We are so lucky to have her. We have so much fun riding her and she is great on the trail. Thank you so much for choosing this wonderful horse for us.

Barbara Plescia











Email from Tiff

Hi Laurie,
Robbie, Angie and Shayla were here over the weekend. We got some cute pictures of everyone with the pony. He was out all day everyday. Wyatt didn't put him away last night until after 8:00pm! The worst part was getting them to take turns. It was fun though and very cute! Hope all is well.






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