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Bricker Performance Ponies Wishes the Best of Luck
to These Ponies and Their New Owners!

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Note:    All ponies are Up-to-date on all shots, worming, teeth and

Welcome to Bricker Performance Ponies - Our stock changes frequently!   Please ensure that you visit us regularly to view new ponies.  If you don't see your dream pony we may still be able to acquire it.


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Video on Youtube

Strawberry is a darling Roan and White Paint Gelding, 7 years old, (11.2 hands). Huge mane and tail, high white socks, clips ties bathes barefoot, nice and gentle on the ground to handle.

Snaffle mouth and a blast to ride the kids favorite. Perfect pony for kids that ride a little walk trot, lope, correct leads, english or western cute mover, over poles, logs bridges, and no issues or spook.

Used around cattle, keeps up with the other horses or rides solo no problem. Take this pony to the gymkanas, camping, and arena riding he is ready for it all.

Strawberry is a darling cart pony, smooth easy trot, easy to harness and hitch, road and arena safe.

For Sale




Daisey is a Dark Buckskin Mare she is 9 years old, (11.1 hands). Very gentle on the ground, loves kids and petting, stands easy to brush saddle and bridle.

Mostly a walk trot pony but will lope a little with alot of leg. Rides in a snaffle direct rein. She goes over poles, logs, no spook or issues, and trail or arena ride. Clips ties bathes. Easy to catch and put a blanket on. Perfect toddler or beginner rider that
needs confidence pony.

For Sale







Video on Youtube.com

Rascal2 is a darling Tri Color Paint Gelding, 6 years old, (8 hands). Huge mane and tail, boxy head, loves his job and life. Easy to harness and hitch, and drive arena or roads, snaffle mouth.

$2000. price includes pony, harness and blue cart in photos.





Bobby is a fancy black and white paint gelding, 3 years old, (11.2 hands).

Recently started under harness. He has picked up driving like the upcoming star that he is. Outstanding trot, nice slow jog, stands quiet, snaffle mouth, not spooky.

For someone looking for a fancy driving pony. Take a look at this one. priced as pony, newer easy entry cart and harness in photos for sale $1650.






Tom and Jerry are a team of heavy built Haflinger Cross Geldings.

Clip, ties, bathe, stand good for farrier, and currently barefoot. 8 and 12 years old, (14 hands). They have been together for the last 4 years.

During that time the did movies and carriage rides. They are gentle on the ground and easy to harness and hitch. Both geldings also drive single, perfect team for a carriage ride person.

These guys need a job. $3000 for the team of both ponies. Harness is available. For purchase if needed.

Tom has the black saddle pad, rides anywhere trail or arena. He is not spooky, doesn't buck, or have issues. He is suitable for beginner riders.

Jerry has the blue saddle pad, and is a little green under saddle still. He is not spooky and doens't buck, or have issues. Darling mover, both ponies have great whoa, snaffle mouths, and direct rein.

Click on photo to see bigger picture. Click back on photo to view other pictures of Ghost.

Ghost is a (12.1 hands) Gray and White Paint Gelding,

7. chunky built, boxy cute head, 2 sparkling blue eyes, with a long mane and tail to the ground. Wonderful loving ground manners! Comes to the fence for treats and hugs, easy to tack up, clips ties, and bathes quiet in the pasture and easy to catch.

Trail or arena rides no spook or issues, correct leads, snaffle mouth, english, western or bareback, super fun to ride, and responding easily to the reins or off the legs.

Perfect for the confident beginner. Rider that wants to trot and lope.

For Sale





Button is a 13 year old, (14 hand) Morgan Cross Mare.

She has smooth gaits, very gentle on the ground and loves all kids big and small. Trail or arena ride, walks, trots, lopes, and correct leads. Clips ties, bathes, barefoot, used around cattle, and no spook or issues.

Drives great easy to harness and hitch. Nice all around mare for the family that will let everyone enjoy her.

For Sale





Cotton Candy is a (12.1 hands), Sorrel Mare 5 years old.

Very gentle and quiet to handle on the ground and easy to tack up. Clips, ties, bathes, barefoot, and trail or arena rides. She os a darling mover! Flat knee could be a county show pony hunter. Started over cross rails, and not spooky or have issues. Perfect for a confident beginner. She does need some leg to keep going.

For Sale

$3500 "Sold"






Sharon is a perfect leadline/pony pet or companion. Dark Bay with long mane and tail. 13 years old, (13 hands).

Kind eyes she wants to be someones friend. Soft and friendly to handle on the ground, easy to saddle, rides in a hackamore, very content to be led around, or follow another horse either in the arena or on the trail.

She has no desire to go fast, just follows along nice, and no spook or issues, clips, ties, bathes, and quiet in the barn easy keeper.

For Sale









Hersey is a Sorrel with a huge White Flaxen Mane and Tail, 8 years old, (10 hands). He is very content with life in the slow lane. Whether it is riding or driving his favorite gear he is slow or mostly walks.

He loves kids and attention from everyone he is a great confidence builder as he is not pushy, leads great, and easy to harness and hitch drives off quiet- ambles along.

For Sale $2200 with cart and harness shown in photos.






Gin is a (12.1 hands), 5 years old, Light Gray Welsh/POA Pony Gelding.

Super friendly on the ground, loves attention and to be brushed and pampered over. Gentle for all ages of kids to ride and is currently being used in a lesson program with kids.

Darling mover - walks, trots, canters, and correct leads. He goes over poles, logs, and on trail doesn't spook or have issues.

Rides english, western, and bareback. Started over cross rails and could be a county level hunter pony. Super easy and fun.

For Sale









DEE DEE is a (10.1 hands) Gray Shetland POA Cross Pony.

Loves kids and attention that they provide. she rides and drive, has been used for lessons, lead line, and riding independtly. Snaffle mouth, direct rein, goes over poles, logs, and no spook or issues.

Will go very slow for kids and the timid beginner rider. She walks, trots, and lopes for bigger kids. Current on shots, wormer, farrier/barefoot, easy keeper, lives with other horses, and easy to catch,

For Sale $2200

Price includes pony, cart and harness shown in photos.


Video of Scott on Youtube.com







Scott the pony, is a darling Haflinger Cross Gelding, light chestnut white mane and tail. 14 years old, (13.1 hands). He is laid back easy going snaffle mouth, and very patient with the kids.

Stands quiet for harness and hitch up, slow easy going jog perfect for the beginner. Driver road and arena safe. He is a great confidence builder for the kids and adults to ride. He stands patiently to tack up, or bathe and clip, rides bareback, with a saddle or double he doesn't care. video available on you tube riding and driving.




Video of Sprinkles on Youtube.com








Sprinkles is a Dark Gray Pony Mare, she is 5 years old, (10 hands). Very pretty and super gentle! She does it all!!

She walks, trots, and canters correct leads if asked. Around cattle and roping chutes no issues, baby sits the kids that cant ride. Snaffle mouth, and drives down the road, not spooky or have issues she is perfect for beginner people young or old. Easy to handle on the ground, tack up or harness quiets, clips, bathes, and ties.

Priced at $2500, package include red cart, red harness and gray pony shown in driving photos. video riding and driving on you tube. Sold

Video of Scooter







Skooter is a darling Black and White Paint Shetland Cross Mare, she is 3 years old.

She has gentle ground manners, ridden by kids and has a great mind! She has started ground driving and ready to hitch soon. Rides over poles, logs, tarps, trail or arena rides independetly, rides in a rubber snaffle, clips bathes ties, and stands good for farrier.

Perfect upcoming pony for leadline or little riders.

For Sale





Spicey is a 13.3 hands, Paint Pony age 5. Started under saddle, w/t/c goes over logs, poles etc. Not spooky on the trails, pocket pony on the ground.

Just needs miles under saddle could be a english or western pony cute mover and wants to please. Perfect for confident beginer rider that knows how to w/t/c.












Lilly is a 13 hands, age 8, Paint Mule Mare one of a kind color.

Super sweet on the ground, clip, ties, bath, good with feet. Rrides in a snaffle. She is good in the arena, walks, trots, and lopes correct leads. She trail rides and not spooky.

Gets along with everyone in the pasture comes to the fence for attention and love to be peted. Perfect family addition.

For Sale






Lil Gunner is a Welsh Cross Gelding, 7 years old, (11.2 hands). He has four fancy high white socks and a big blaze face. He is a darling mover. He has correct leads, started over cross rails, not
spooky either in the arena or on trails. Perfect sport pony for the kids either to finish and show or use for pony club. Gentle ground manners, clips ties, bathes, gets along with everyone and easy to catch in the pasture.









Ellie is Dark Black (13.2 hands), with 2 back socks and a star. She is 4 years old. Ellie is a upcoming prospect pony with alot of potential for the show arena.

Great minded and wants to please. Cute trot and correct leads, snaffle mouth, started over cross rails, currently goes over poles tarps and logs,

For Sale $3000, price will increase with training.







Emerald is a (13 hands), Dark Dapple Grey Mare, 7 years old. She has a fancy trot, and great about getting the correct leads for kids. Smooth to ride, snaffle mouth, gentle on the ground, goes over poles tarps, trail rides, started over x rails.

Emerald could be a fun and competive county level show pony.

For Sale









Scarlett is a POA Gray Mare, 15 years old, (12.3 hands). Big and stout build, She has a great mind and gentle ground manners. Can take out on the trail or just ride in the arena.

Perfect pony for kids to try several events, trail, jumping, barrels, and poles etc. She can do it all. Easy to handle, comes to the fence when called for attention, quiet in the barn, and gets along with all buddies in the pasture. Suitable for kids that walk trot and lope, rides in a snaffle mouth bit, great steering, and is super fun to ride.

For Sale






Ezmerelda is a (12.2 Hands), Chocolate Palomino Haflinger Cross Pony. She is 7 years old. Huge white mane and tail. Gentle on the ground , trail or arena rides, w/t/c. Goes over poles, tarps etc. Super fun pony for the confident kids that ride/walk trot, and lope.

Would also be a good broodmare to breed as she has had pretty babies in the past.

For Sale






Lil Gunner is a Welsh Cross Gelding, 7 years old, (11.2 hands). He has four fancy high white socks and a big blaze face. He is a darling mover. He has correct leads, started over cross rails, not
spooky either in the arena or on trails. Perfect sport pony for the kids either to finish and show or use for pony club. Gentle ground manners, clips ties, bathes, gets along with everyone and easy to catch in the pasture.

For Sale





Lil Coyote

Lil Coyote is a 6 year old mare with blaze face and 3 white socks, (9 hands). She got her name as she is not much bigger than our dogs. She has blue eyes, roany hairs on her belly.

Perfect pony for leadline, pony wheel rides, started under harness, companion pony, or breed her for a flashy baby. This little girl wants to please and loves attention. Easy to handle, easy keeper. current on shots worm farrier.

For Sale





Lazy is a 12.2 hands, Haflinger Pony Gelding age 2. Started lightly under saddle and under harness. Great minded, easy to handle and be around.

W/T in the arena, goes over poles flowers etc. Absolutely not spooky or issues to ride. Easy pony haflinger. Ready for someone to finish, price to go up with training.

For Sale










Daisy is a cool as it comes, Haflinger Mare, 4 years old, (13 hands). Very broke to drive - not spooky or issues. Currently is being used daily to feed and pull the manure wagon driven on the roads and through tight situations with no issues.

Huge mane and tail, easy to harness and hitch. Gentle laid back temperment, gets along with everyone in life! Worth her weight in gold.

Daisy rides under saddle super quiet perfect for little kids and mom to share. She could go english or western, walks, trots in the arena and will lope correct leads if peddled into lope. She is easy to steer over logs, poles, flowers etc., and not spooky or have issues. Trail rides wonderful with little kids.

For Sale

$4500 firm








Duchess is a 13 hands, 6 year old, Bay Mare with long mane and tail. She has a cute boxy head. She rides english or western, goes over poles logs, not spooky and trail rides nice. Soft mouth easy to handle both on the ground and in the saddle. Nice pony for kids that walk trot lope. Great to show this summer or pony club later on.

For Sale













"Sold" Stormy is a yearling quarter pony bred and raised at the ranch. Should mature to 13.2h tall. Tri color paint colt, cute mover, friendly, bathes, ties, stands for farrier, and current shots worm farrier.

Great legs and feet! Should be a easy pony to start this fall riding.

For Sale






"Sold" Lolipop is a Dark Grey , 2 years old, Registered Half Welsh Mare with papers. (12.3 hands). Green started lightly under saddle, great mind, walk, trot over poles on the ground and not spooky or issues. Should mature to 13 hands. True pocket pony great ground manners, very loving pony. $1500 price to go up with riding.


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