Bricker Performance Ponies uses two different horse transportation services.


Brooke Moxley transports horses throughout many Western states from California to Texas and Oklahoma and surrounding areas.


Brooke Moxley
Western States

Brooke Moxley

Phone:  (909) 215-3219

DJ Johnson transports horses throughout many of the Eastern states.


DJ Johnson
All throughout the Eastern States

DJ Johnson             

 Phone:    (610) 488-7220
 Fax:          (610) 488-7030



"Service is their Business ....Satisfaction is their Goal"

Brooke Moxley and DJ Johnson prioritize the care of your horse ........Moving your horse no longer need be a stressful event for the horse or for you.

They understand how to care for horses under the special circumstances of horse shipping. This is vitally important to your horse's trip, and to your peace of mind. They follow USA Equestrian & DOT guidelines for rest and hours driving; your horse travels not more than 11-12 hours per day, with an 8-10 hour rest overnight off the trailer.

A rested driver is extra insurance of a safe horse trip.

They offer overnight stops off the trailer and professional care throughout each day.

Horse shipping stalls are deeply bedded in clean shavings every day, and have full dividers to the floor for your horse's protection.



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